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What is TrackR? 

Designed specifically for modern healthcare environments, TrackR is an innovative solution that revolutionizes how medical professionals manage and monitor laboratory testing processes.

With TrackR, experience the ease of tracking patient samples from collection to analysis, ensuring timely and accurate results. Its intuitive interface and advanced tracking capabilities provide unparalleled transparency and efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for laboratories aiming to enhance their service quality and reliability. Harmony NIPT Test Ireland

Choose TrackR, and step into a world where every sample’s journey is under control, and every result, a step towards better health outcomes.

TrackR allows you to do the following from any computer or smart device:

  1. Add a Patient to the system
  2. Print a Test Request Form
  3. Book a Courier Collection
  4. Review sample photographs to ensure consistency
  5. Download PDF Results
  6. Add SMS Notification
  7. Mark completed reports as Actioned
  8. Download Excel reports to monitor TATs and volumes
  9. Access a complete Audit Trail of every single sample
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