Introducing TrackV by HTS Labs–Your Assurance in Every Mile

What is TrackV? 

TrackV is our bespoke, in-house developed courier and van tracking solution, meticulously designed to bring unparalleled transparency and reliability to the transportation of client samples.

With TrackV, every delivery and collection is under vigilant surveillance from our HQ, ensuring that your crucial client samples are continuously monitored throughout their journey. This state-of-the-art system guarantees that every sample’s transit is secure, timely, and traceable, offering you peace of mind and maintaining the integrity of the analysis process. Harmony NIPT Test Ireland

TrackV is a seamless, worry-free transportation experience where every mile is a milestone in precision and trust.

With the integration between TrackV and TrackR the Customer Support team in HTS Labs can easily monitor and track the whereabouts of every patient sample, while simultaneously ensuring the reliability of our logistics fleet. We take the safety and security of our drivers very seriously and TrackV allows us to maintain this care to the highest level

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